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Almost got it stuck

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Well today I had to run to the parts store and on my way back I decided to see if the snow was melting on a really easy (2wd easy) mile streach of power lines. Most of the snow was gone on the trail but some of the spots that dont get sun still had alot. Well I came to a hill thats like a hairpin going up a hill. I made it just around the sharp part only to find the hill was all ice and nothing else. So as im backing down the hill more ice was found and off the trail I went. Up to the doors in snow. After 10-20 min of digging out with my snowmobile tie down bar, rocking it back and forth, and reving the piss out of it she finally came free. And to think I almost got on the phone to call a friend for help. 6 months and I still havent been needed to be pulled out. The power of a Tacoma.
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if you wanna get stuck,wheel with me.
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