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Spent three days up in the San Juans, my first time in the area. Left Denver Friday and hit most of Mineral Creek until we decided to camp at the intersection of Mineral Creek and Poughkeepsie Gulch. Saturday we finished Mineral Creek and Engineer pass into Lake City where we headed down and ate at Lake San Cristobal before we started Cinnamon Pass. Stayed on Cinnamon Pass until we camped near the intersection of Cinnamon Pass and American Basin. Sunday we drove up American Basin the rest of the way and then hiked to the top of Handies Peak, one of the several 14ers in the area. After the hike we took Cinnamon Pass to the Animas Forks and from there headed to Silverton and then headed home. None of the trails were difficult four wheeling, I would say any stock SUV could do them, but the scenery made the trip well worth it.

Waterfall off of Mineral Creek

Day 1 camp site.

For hours about five dear were grazing within about thirty feet of our campsite which was cool at first, but trying to control our puppy got real old after awhile, I liked this picture cause it seemed kind of creepy.

View off of Mineral Creek

Views off of Oh Point on Engineer Pass

Waterfall off of Engineer Pass

Whitmore Falls, wish I had brought a swimming suit cause the water looked real inviting here.

Day 2 Campsite, a little after nightfall heard some strange noises so I got my flashlight out and shined it towards the noise just to see a huge doe moose approx. fifty feet out, unfortunately the pictures did not come out very well.

One of the few flat spots of the hike

Almost to the top

View from the summit
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