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aluminum bumper,light bars,ect...

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does anyone here have an aluminum aftermarket bumper or ever fabricated their own bumper from aluminum? the reason i ask is because of the light weight and no rusting.I think i saw one made for a Nissan and i think tghe brand was Calmini or something.Anyways , does anyone have an aluminum bumper or light bar whether you made it or store bought it?
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There's a guy who makes aluminum bumpers for the 4x4 Spotsmobile van conversions. They're really nice, super light, and expensive as crap!
wslytoy said:
yeah but how strong are they compared to steel???
I'm not sure...the guy who makes them says they're beefy but
their website doesn't really make any claims regarding strength. He told me the main reason he started building them was that the vans were exceeding their max gross weights.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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