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This was emailed to me from an associate in Utah. We need to all jump in on this one. It doesn't take too much time. We're getting throttled by the anti access crowd here and these ideas and comments will go directly to the POTUS. So take a few minutes and sign up and vote!!! Please, Please vote on the last two links, one is about Wilderness and the other is about OHV use.

Hello ALL!!!

On the USDA website there is, quite literally, an online battle raging. USDA has created a polling website, in which individuals can create "ideas" that they think will be of most benefit to public land. Then, the public (YOU, ME, EVERYONE), has the opportunity to "promote" or "demote" these ideas.

The important part is that these ideas are going to right to President Obama,as he consideres his Americas Great Outdoors initiative. That's right! Your opinions will go directly to the president!

That means if pro-OHV, and anti-wilderness ideas have more "promotes" than "demotes", it will be clear to the powers at be that American's WANT more access to public land, and less Wilderness. But if we do nothing, you can bet that the environmentalists will rule these polls, and once again, the vocal minority will get their way.

Here are two links to two very relevant topics (there are MANY others you can vote on), please click on them. If you haven't already, register (it requires no personal information), and VOTE to "promote" these ideas!

SUWA is taking this very seriously. Just this morning I posted these two links on the "Utahns against RRWA" page, and at the time "access advocates" were winning the polls. Since then SUWA has posted the exact same links on their facebook page, and the results have turned slightly.

PLEASE, if you love accessing YOUR public land in the way you responsibly choose too, don't sit on the couch for this one! Do something about it! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

Here are the links (if they don't work, head over the facebook page, they are there as well):;;

And another one for good measure:;

Don't miss this opportunity.


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