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Amplifier and Stereo Sound

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Hey everyone,

I have a 98 Tacoma extended cab with four speakers. I replaced the head unit this past summer and that helped out the sound quality quite a bit. Now I'm looking to replace both the front and rear speakers. While doing so, I'm also thinking about adding an amplifier to the mix. Will the amplifier provide a significant change in sound quality? If so, can I get some recommendations on which ones to purchase? I may add a sub later on, but as of right now I have no plans to. Also Crutchfield is in my hometown, so I'll pretty much buy everything from them.

Thanks everyone,
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there are much cheaper places to buy stuff from other that crutchfield! is a great place to buy stuff from often with free shipping, and it is an authorized dealer of the products.
you can also go the unauthorized route and save even more money- or are a few that i have used.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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