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Amsoil foam filter fitting?

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I recall some members complaining about how the Amsoil foam air filter wasn't fitting properly in the air box. I was wondering if they fixed this problem yet. Thanks!
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taco23 said:
I think they're still "working on it" right now. Some have had fitment problems with the newer designed one with the blue foam ring not fitting correctly in the airbox. I've got the old school all black one and it fits like a glove.
thanks. i couldn't quite remember what the exact problem was.
ocmike said:
No, they have not fixed it yet. The problem with the new style is hit and miss and the impression I got last time I talked to them is that a new design wasn't going to be out any time soon.
looks like i'll be sticking to regular stock paper filters for a while then. thanks for the update.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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