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Also called Barkcamp (due to it's location near Barkcamp State Park)
Located in Centerville, Near St. Clairsville and Belmont

MapQuest #3 Centerville, OH, US -Belmont

Trails follow Anderson Run (Creek)
... so Trails include Creeks, Mud, Hills, some Techinical parts...

Trails are stocker friendly if you stay out of the bad mud and techinical sections...



Directions from I-70 Ohio Exit 216 (St. Clairsville):
Take SR-9 South
Just after joining then leaving SR-147, (Stay on SR-9) Turn left on Anderson Run Road.
The trails begin when the road ends

Directions from I-70 Ohio Exit 208 (Belmont)
Take SR-149 South or East (towards Belmont),
Turn Left (South or East) on SR-147,
Turn Right (South) onto SR-9
Turn Left on Anderson Run Road
The trails begin when the road ends...

Note: there used to be a back way out of Anderson Run Road, but apparently that way goes thru private property, so you must go in and out the same way...

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near the end u will see a big green metal tank and if u go to far past it u will be on private property. Anderson is stock friendly for the most part.
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