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Another gearing Q?

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Can someone help me out?

I have an 03 5sp 2.7L 4x4 with 3.91 factory gears - mated to tiny factory 28" tires.

In the next 2 weeks i'm going to upsize my tires, and regear the truck.

I have a Cornfed 3" lift.

I Guess my 2 options are 33x10.5 or 33x12.5 - I already have 15x8 black steelies with 3 3/4 backspacing. I'd like to go with a procomp tire, they currently have the buy 3 get one free - and I can get free shipping as well.

Should I go with 4.88's? I am going to add a lockright in the rear at the same time. I don't wheel very often, at most just a few weekends a year.

Thanks again for the help, this in going to be an expensive upgrade session, and really want it all to work well together.

Or would it really be better to just do a 32x11.5 and 4.56's?
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Hey man, I see a lot of people pondering about what ratio to get. I say 4.88's. It's not like you won't be able to drive on the interstate with them.

And what if 4.88's does turn out to be a little high? So what, at least you can rationalize it by saying "hey, I get plenty of power with a little 4 banger".
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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