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Hello. I’m Dave. I’ve owned and wheeled several jeeps. I traded my last wrangler for a Subaru last year when I thought my job was going in a direction that would require me to drive a lot. That didn’t quite pan out, so I’ve decided I’m in the market for a Tacoma that I could modify for moderate off roading. It would still serve road duty as well. Since I am taco ignorant I need some help in selecting the right model. I can’t really afford a gen 3 so what I’m looking for is pros and cons between gen 1 and gen 2 and their various trim levels, drive line, etc. Ultimately, if I could find something for around $12000 that would leave me a little more room for mods. That may be the biggest limitation, but still curious what everyone has to say. Buy the way here’s a couple of pic to show what I consider moderate off roading. I think both of these were at Wooly’s Off Road Park in TN.

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