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So some of the time (I would say 80-90%) when I try to start my truck it just clicks. This happend about a year ago and i took off the starter connector that faces the passengers side and sand the terminal down put some terminal cleaner on it and it worked beautiful for 4 months started right up all the time. However the problem is back. Here are my questions

1) Considering my starter is bad will the dealer install new contacts or it is it a do it yourself job?

2) I have a BL and there is a group of wires (assuming their ground wires) that was disconnecting from the frame on the drivers side could this have anything to do with it

3) Could it be the alternator or battery?

My battery is a 4 mo. optima and sometimes it does sound like my starter stays engaged with the engine running and eventually goes off either by itself or by turning off the engine

Any advice would be greatly apperiated
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