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I'm finally getting a 4runner this weekend. I've got the Donahoe front coil overs left over from my Tacoma that I'll be putting on the front, and am now shopping for a rear set up. I heard donahoe was developing a rear suspension setup for the 3rd gen runners, and by the looks of their web site, it's out.>

Unfortunately, there site does not give many specs, I havent heard of one person running these, and I cant even find a vendor that is stocking them, so it's all one big mystery right now:D I see that the shocks are NOT resivors...which is what I heard was in development about 8 months ago. I really want to hear anyone that knows anything or, even better, has run these springs.

What is another good setup to match the Hoes up front? Seems like there are not too many runners with donahoes...
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