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Any input on wheel spacers...

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Ok, first I will apologize if this has been covered before, but I am curious as to whether there are any issues with putting wheel spacers behind my stock rims to get a little wider track. Will there be any significant stress on the CV's or front Diff? I'm only considering this because I just don't have the coin for new rims and tires...

Go easy on me....
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Yeah, pics would be awesome! By the way, thanks for the input. I appreciate your help!
yamataco said:
I've been running 1 1/4" spacers (bolt on adaptors) for almost a year now with no problems. As far as additional stress on components, its the same as wheels with a different offset. I check both sets of lugs every couple of months, but have never found them loose. When checking I remove the spacers and reinstall them with blue loctite, just to be sure. As for saving $, well, my billet spacers were 200$, you could probably find steel rims for that $.
I found a guy on the 'bay who's selling 1 1/2" billet spacers, 2 for $80, shipped. I guess that's not a whole lot less than $200, but if all you want to do it get a wider track, it beats spending the $ on rims and wheels. :D
Me likey... looks good. We may have a winner, folks! Thanks for the pics, by the way...
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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