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Any One Fron The midwest, Illinois

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I'm wanting to get together with people from Illinois, Around St. Louis or in the general area. And just to have contacts with more tacoma owners.
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Justox said:
Not from Illinois, but 4.5 hours from Chicago. I'd be willing to make the trip down if there were some decent wheeling spots and I had some time. I'm in South East Minnesota.
Are you still up for any trips to northern Wisc.? I lost your screen name and was keeping any eye out. I'm begging Bob(98Taco) to get a little run to a park in Ill but the seasons changed and time is hard to come by.
ScoTaco said:
what kind of top is that on your bed?I think it looks cool and looks like it can be very useful too.Let me know the scoop on it so I can look into getting one.
Thx ,Scott
Can-Back topper. Be prepared to wait 2-3 months from what I hear for lead time. Check out their website at . I love it over a glass topper for easy acess. As for security, well, don't leave anything you can never replace. It has a load max of 350 lbs and is as weather tight as a Leer topper I had.
Justox said:
You bet. I'm up for any kind of wheeling at this point. Northern Wisc. would be cool. We should try to get some of the IL, IA, and MN boys out there. Hopefully the weather will warm up and I will get some time to go out with you guys. Let me know if anything comes up.

Hey, do you know if there is any way, with this new forum, to list unread messages to yourself like they had on Delphi?
I'll keep you in mind. My next two trips will be west so nothing planned north at the moment.
As for the messages it isn't like the old board. You can change your settings to receive an e-mail everytime someone replies to a thread you replied/suscribed to so you can get messages to you. If you change the thread view to hybrid it makes it easier to see who is replying to who.
sjvicker said:
Y'all have to let me know if your planning a northern WI wheeling trip. I'm In Northern Michigan and would like to join
You have any areas in the U P you frequent? It's better terrain there than northern WI. As long as the black fies are dormant I would be game to drive a little further.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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