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BFG KM....discontinued

truck ~n~ tow
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I really liked my original KM's
seemed to do just about anything purdy well.
Cut a couple "D" load sidewalls down tho'
( ^ it's possible any tire might have failed )

When the KM's were discontinued and it was difficult to locate old stock...
I bought into the KMII's hype, purchased a set...
was somewhat disappointed with certain traction issues.
Not terrible mind you... just not great.

I ended up swapping out a fairly fresh set of the KMII's
for a set of Hankook MT RT03's

The RT03's actually remind me of my original KM's
and seem to perform as good if not better in most traction conditions.

Plus they cost less then many :) ( not that cost was a priority )

I'm still fairly new to this kook rubber...
but so far... I like what they do

Just sayin'...

'cause if you like the 1st generation KM's...
the Kook's might be a tire, you might think to look closer at ;) :2cents:

* edit -- pictars make it real

BFG KM's...


comparing the a 285 KMII to a 295 Kook RT03...


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Yep, KM1's. Loud as hell and fairly weak sidewalls, but overall a pretty decent tire. The set I had wore like iron. A slightly modified version is still available in 255/75/17 (rubicon tires) if that just happens to be the size your looking for (doubtful).

Also, the Nitto Trail Grappler is a similar tire. I've heard some good things, and it is a tire that I considered...
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