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anyone gotten screwed by LC Eng?

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I was just going to order my exhaust tomorrow from LC Engineering, when I found you guys. Funny I've been looking for all things toyota for over 2 1/2 yrs and haven't heard of TTORA.
Anywho I own a 97 ext cab 3rz with ome 881 front with toy tec 2.5 spacer, and diff drop. AAL and NWOR 2" shackles and bilstein 5100 in back.
It's time for a new muffler, so I convinced the wife that I should replace the whole exhaust and add a set of headers to boot. So before I drop $800 to a company I haven't delt with before I want to know what everyone thinks or has experienced.
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I just ordered their header kit for my Tacoma (97 w/ 2.7). They are very helpful. Once I get the header kit, I'll buy the high flow cat. and the Magnaflow cat. back system from them. I'll let you know how it goes.
I've ordered the following:

Magna Flow cat back system - Pre-runner style
3RZ-FE Header kit w/ studs
Hi-flow cat.

I received the header and wasn't impressed with the construction of the mounting flange. It looked like they let a monkey grind it down. And this is the side that mates with the head. They are sending me a new one.

I also ran into problems with the Magnaflow cat. back system. At first they told me it was in stock...then I got a call telling me it was 3-4 weeks back ordered (that's why I went with the Pre-runner style, I'm in the middle of an unscheduled motor build).

All in all they have been pleasant to deal with, just some minor bumps along the way.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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