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2003 Dcab

I pulled a code 12 from my SRS system, which points to the driver side squib circuit.

Despite following the pain in the ass diagnostic chart, I thought I knew better and threw a new spiral cable at it. Even paid big bucks for the OEM unit. My cruise control works but my horns don't. Anyways I cleared the codes and it came back instantly. Horn still doesn't work, and hasn't reliably since the first time I submerged it. Did for a few weeks after I replaced the horns then they went silent again.

Anyways I'd like to see that I'm not the only person on the planet with a failed airbag, before I go ahead with replacing. I'd just get a used one off ebay. Maybe I can get a combo set with a used parachute and used underwear. I'm not sure if I can bench test it, I'm afraid of running power through it from a voltmeter even. I did see airbag bypass harnesses being sold with various resistances... so obviously the computer is looking for that.

Anyone else gone down this road?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts