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......or are going to the TakeOver???

There is a possibility that I will be visiting my aunt & uncle in Snowflake for a few weeks in July/Aug and it'd be a shame to drive across country and be so close to Farmington with my Tacoma and NOT go. This would be my first time to a TO and by the end of the July I should have a majority of the mods done that I'll be able to afford this summer: Rear ARB, sliders, bumpers, 33's, Deavers, and I just bought some King C/Os.

I've only wheeled in TN with some close friends, and I know wheelin can be different out west. So I guess I'm just lookin to meet up with someone who can show me around/help me out and whatever.

I am originally from AZ, moved out to TN when I was a kid, and I still have a majority of my family in Phoenix and Tucson, so I'll probably head down that way as well.

It'd be nice to see where you guys wheel, meet some people, and match some faces with names that I see on the NB.

Any tips for/about the TO would be greatly appreciated, too.



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Most of us are around the Phoenix and Tucson areas. We have a few folks up in Flag and out in Yuma too.

As for TakeOver. There is a thread here on our board with regards to who is going, when, where, etc etc. The national board has all the event info.

Let us know when you get into town and we'll see if we can gather people up for a trail and or dinner run.
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