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Whats up guys & gals! My favorite trip of the year. Anza Borrego. It's a magical place.

This year we're going to change it up. Over the course of the pandemic overlanding/wheeling has exploded in popularity. Some of the effects of this has been the explosion in used 4x4 vehicle prices, popularity of trails, and established campsites. Lots of general camping/wheeling etiquette being ignored which lead to the closure of the best part of the old run. Sandstone Canyon.

I've looked a bit around for some more moderate trails in the area. This year we are going to explore Little Blair Valley, Blair Valley Rd, Oriflamme Canyon, Grapevine Canyon Road, Jasper Trail and possibly Old Culp Valley road.

Expect sandy washes, rutted hill climbs, river crossings, beautiful scenery and sweeping vistas.

Lift, 32"+ tires, recovery gear/shackle points

Meet Point:
33.045436701184194, -116.41209110908967
Intersection of Little Blair Valley Road & Great Southern Overland Stage Route (S2)
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If you are camping Winter nights can quickly drop to below freezing temps and we could see daytime temps in the mid 80's. Come prepared!

If you are camping please bring at least 1 bundle of firewood. Preferably hardwood. 馃彆Bring Firewood馃彆

Meet Time: 9:00am @ Meetpoint.
HAM: 144.450

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