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ARB Guard install - signal lights

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Hi all,

Finally got my ARB guard installed... not really too hard but the instructions were simply awful.

One thing was a bit unexpected... For some reason I thought that the bumper mounted signal lights would come with a plug and play adapter to connect to the factory plug/harness (at least mine didn't come with it).

For those of you who have done the install, did you come up with a clean or creative way to connect the lights? I don't really want to cut off the factory plug harness.


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P1michaud said:
What I did for the TJM I used a Dremel and cut the TJM light housing out so that I could install my factory connector complete with bulb holder right into the bumper turn signal. I then sealed it using RTV silcone. With the TJM lights, I can remove the 2 mounting screws that hold the light to the bumper and then remove the front lens of the turn signal light. This allows me to change the bulb without having to re-seal with silicone every time. I'm not sure if the same applies for the ARB lights, but it's an option.
I can't post pics right now since my CPU is searching for the hard drive. It's fried. :(
Did you, or greatdisaster ever get pics of this?
Pete, How did you end up installing the turn signals?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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