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Parts from a 2001 Tacoma with 50,000 miles

Here's the pics:

Everything is OBO and prefer local pickup in Chandler, Az

Front IFS diff with 4.88 Yukon gears and ARB locker $700SOLD
Includes an aftermarket air filter/pressure regulator, ARB dash switch, ARB solenoid, all wiring and airline tubing. You will need an air source such as a compressor or CO2 tank.
Approx. 30000 miles and never had any problems with this locker.
(Probably more like 300 miles since it had manual hubs)
The ARB RD90 is about $700 new and the gears are about $200 (plus installation)

Front Manual Hub Conversion on ABS spindles, two axles and one spare $650
Approx. 30000 miles on this Off Road Solutions manual hub conversion.
This includes everything in the $1049 ORS kit # ORS-HB001 shown here:
plus one spare axle assembly and both ABS spindles with the wheel bearings installed. This spare axle was never installed, but was made from a used IFS axle using an ORS outer and ORS hardened shaft that cost about $115. If you want to use this on a non-ABS truck you’ll need to cap the ABS sensor holes in the spindles; those caps run about $12 a pair. The spindles have the uni-ball slugs installed from the All Pro UCAs and I’ll have to remove these if you don’t want the All Pros. You’ll also then need to install stock ball joints.
Buy the Manual Hub conversion with the All Pro Upper Control Arms for $750
All Pro # 3500T-AP-A-ARM shown here:
Or buy just the UCA for $200.

All Pro rear leaf springs 4500T-AP-PR $150
Approx. 20000 miles. Great springs made by Betts. Includes new bushings.

Sway-A-Way 2.0 Coilovers $300 SOLD
Approx. 40000 miles. Tundra valved, 15” 650lb coils, new bushings, spanner wrench. I ran these until I cut off the front suspension. Original, un-rebuilt, 2.0 coilovers that you’ll need a winch and bumper to compress :) Never had any issues with these other than they are stiff to be able to hold up a heavy front end.

Steering Rack with urethane bushings $100

Stock lower control arms $50/pair

Stock upper control arms $50/pair
Approx. 20000 miles

Stock calipers and rotors $100
Pads have a couple thousand miles on the Raybestos ceramics. The rotors were never turned, they measure 22mm on a 20mm minimum thickness, and are smooth but have some discoloration from the ceramic pads.
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