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arrrugghhh #!$#%$#@ vibration's gotta stop

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:mad: dudes, i know we have beat this to death, but its gotta stop. this vibration at 01-15 mph has got to go. i have shimmed down the carrier bearing and eliminated most of it. but the rest of the vibration has got to go. i removed my rear drive shaft and drove around just to make sure the vibration was coming from the rear drive line and it soon as i put the shaft back in and took off in two high the vibration reared it ugly head. so i crawl under the beast yesterday to start my venture. i want to eliminate the carrier bearing shims, and install some custom made leafspring shims so i can get my pinion angle back to zero. i was going to start my quest for measuring for some custom made shims and while looking at my springs, i noticed that under my overload spring (on top of perch) there were a set of shims that looked like factory shims. one on each side. the thick part was pointing towards the tranny and the thin side towards the rear. they looked like a factory item. this truck was bone stock before i put this lift on.( cornfed 3 in front and 2.5 aal rear 96 ext cab v6 auto.) anyone else have these items? has anyone installed leafspring shims before on an extended cab? if you have please let me know what degree you used and what direction they were pointing. (skinny side. fat side)
i want to send mr. brown some money so i can get this fixed. i want that carrier bearing back in the stock location and i dont want to start spending cash on u-joints without fixing the problem. sorry so long. i feel a little better now. help me guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have you checked to make sure the weights are still on your driveshaft? There will be a small weight tacked on to the shaft. If they are missing, take the shaft to a shop and have them balance it. I have no idea what the $damage$ will be.
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