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Hey everyone. I've been using the Tacoma forums for a couple of years, and TTORA seems to be my goto forum where I usually find the answers I need. I finally had to make an account because I have some questions I have not been able to fully resolve.

I've owned my truck since 2010, and got a pretty good deal from my inlaws after I married their daughter. Its a 1996 extended cab tacoma with the 3rzfe. Its our daily driver, and only vehicle. The truck has so many problems with it, and my wife's parents felt kinda bad about selling it to us, but I insisted. I was driving a 92 Chevy s10 2wd extended cab, which I used to take on forest service roads in AZ. I love my Tacoma, even with its problems.

This tax season I'm going to get new rear leafs, headlight/turn/wiper combination switch, rear ebrake cable, front windshield, rack & pinion, powersteering pump, new tie rod ends, and upper and lower ball joints, and an aluminum camper shell. Later, I'd like to get a new clutch installed, and get some camo seat covers.:cool:

After doing these repairs I can take it off road and enjoy having a capable truck. Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the help I've recieved in the past!
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