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Thanks for this thread! It gave me confidence to read over the EWD and do a successful swap! :grin2:

My build was a tad different but more involved wiring wise than most of you all because I had & kept ADD, removed the 4WD ECU for the 2/4 push button transfer case and wired in the J-shift transmission relay in it's place.
I pinned in the CSC SW and the CSS to the IK2 glovebox harness and the clutch depress switch to the now unused IK3(PNP SW) harness to get cruise control cancel working by way of depression of the clutch...

I used the ECU and full tranny/transfer harness from the donor 5 speed.

ADD, CSCS, CSS, VSS, 4wd light, bckup light, 4WD position sensor and cruise control all work!

Truck started life as a 04 4wd DC auto push button.

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Reviving an old thread but I know people are still using these diagrams but has anyone figured out the 1999 California/federal emissions issue? I have a 99 2.7 auto with California emissions tag under the hood and I have a 99 2.7 5speed ECU and cant find anything at all about a California specific ECU from any wreaking yard or online. The connectors look exactly the same on both ecu’s. If all else I’ll give it a shot and see if it works and passes smog and report back.

95.5 Tacoma
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Does your Federal model have an EGR valve? I'd venture a guess on the 2.7L that the cat was the only major difference, in which case the ECU could be identical.

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As some of you know, I'm getting ready to convert my 2002 Double Cab PreRunner from auto->manual and 2wd->4wd. (SafetyDang's conversion thread; I come in around page 3.)

For my conversion I plan on swapping my 2002 auto ECU for the 2002 manual ECU. As part of the research, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the wiring differences between the two ECUs. Since I push data around for a living, I took the wiring info from the factory wiring diagrams and the ECU terminal chart and built a simple database to compile this into a table that shows the automatic and manual ECU wiring side by side.

I think it turned out pretty well, although since I haven't reached this part of my conversion yet I can't say with certainty how accurate it is, except that it's as accurate as the data I had available from the factory wiring manual. Anyway, at this point I have a template for doing this, and given the appropriate starting data, it isn't too hard to make similar tables for other auto->manual conversions.

To test this last part, I asked Yotaoffroad27 to send me the wiring diagrams for his 1999 3RZ PreRunner auto->manual conversion, which resulted in this table, similar to my original.

So at this point, I think my template is reasonably solid, and since I appreciate all of the help I've received so far on my own conversions I'd like to give a little back in the form of generating similar tables for other 'Early Tacoma' auto->manual conversions. I don't know if we can cover all of the Early Tacoma years and engines, and I don't want to make this offer so open-ended that I am doing this forever, but maybe I can knock a few of these out now before I start seriously wrenching on my own project in a few weeks.

What I need if you want me to do this for you:

Send me a PM with PDFs of the ECU wiring for both transmissions. The manual ECU wiring appears in the section labeled "Engine Control (engine model number)", and the automatic/ECT wiring appears in a different document labeled "ECT Wiring" (or similar). I need both of these or I can't compile the data. I also need a PDF from the Diagnostics section of the manual that shows the ECU/ECM connectors, similar to the second document I linked to above.

Very important: These documents must be specific to your year Tacoma, or this exercise is worthless. Not all years are available for free on teh interwebs. If yours isn't available, spend $15 on a day pass and download the appropriate diagrams.


1. I am not responsible for any errors. I'll do my best, but ultimately it's on you. Use these tables at your own risk. That's one reason why the wiring colors are included -- always do at least a spot check of the wiring colors before plugging in the new ECU. If connector E6, Pin 1 is supposed to be Black, make sure it is before you plug in the new ECU.

2. I'm doing this for free, and I expect to post the resulting documents so everyone can use them.

3. I AM NOT AN EXPERT, AND I AM NOT GOING TO TROUBLESHOOT YOUR ECU WIRING!! I am compiling data for you to use based on the factory wiring manuals. That's it -- you get what you pay for.

4. I'm willing to put this offer out there for a few weeks, at least until all of my parts arrive and I start wrenching. I have a life, a family, and a job, so I will only work on this stuff as time permits. Now that I have a working template, I think it will take me ~60 minutes or less to hand enter the 65-90 ECU connections and generate a PDF.

5. At this time, I only want to do same year/engine auto vs. same year/engine manual, and I only want to do Early Tacomas (but am willing to do similar model 4Runners if asked).

Any takers?




All done :D

Current version:
Early_Tacoma_ECUs_v2 is ready for download.

(Right Click, "Save File As...", etc. Total size is 2.7MB)

Feedback and corrections welcome. Enjoy!

Previous versions:
Early_Tacoma_ECUs_v1 is ready for download.

Jeff, I dont know if you are still around or if you will ever see this, however I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this.. again. I have a new project and this saved me a load of time! You are the man!
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