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Axle Code

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I am looking at a 4runner to get its Rear E Locking thrid. The Axle Code is A04A. From searches, I am finding that it could be a 4:56 (brian894x4's site) and from it says this is a 4:30. Does anyone know which code A04A or B04A is a 4:56?
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That list is a bit conflicting. My axle code is B06A.
According to the "first digit" I have an 8" ring gear.
According to the axle code further down the list I have a 3.91/ 2 pinion open/ 7.5" ring gear. :eek:
hytenor said:
this is why just going by the varrious charts that are floating around doesn't always work. the guy who was running the NE site had done a nice revised chart that fixed a lot of the goofs but that site is no longer up. :(
I printed off a a copy of that chart from the NE site a good while back. He may have updated it after I printed it off. Still great info.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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