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Axle Code

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I am looking at a 4runner to get its Rear E Locking thrid. The Axle Code is A04A. From searches, I am finding that it could be a 4:56 (brian894x4's site) and from it says this is a 4:30. Does anyone know which code A04A or B04A is a 4:56?
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kamaaina1 said:
First digit:
A = 7.5" ring gear

Next two digits:
06 = 3:91

Last digit:
A = 2 Pinion, Open

Using the above codes would result in the following axle codes:

B06A 3.91 2 pinion open 7.5" ring gear
I think the first part of the decoding is definitely correct, but my B06A is an 8" ring (well, 210mm or 8.4), not a 7.5. From what I've gathered here, no Tacomas had a 7.5" ring gear in the rear.

I think all the axle codes that are decoded in that list should have the 8" ring gear.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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