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All right CO crew, AZ Rocks is going to be one of a kind this year. For the first time...and about time :D ....we're holding it at Table Mesa this year. TM is really the premier wheeling spot in AZ with some of the best trails in the entire state. There's plenty of long easy scenic trails, a few moderate ones, plenty of hard trails, and a handful of buggy-only trails. It's about 2 hours closer than FJ for you guys too ;) We're working to put on a good event for everyone this year and it's going to be completely different trails then before. So come on out and "get some"! :xrocker:

Here's the AZ Rocks section on our local forum:

Here is the official AZRocks 09 thread:

I'll ask our chapter president to start a new no-BS thread in our local forum for this event, so look for that soon. The "official" dates are March 27 and 28, but a few of us will be out there early if anyone is thinking of taking an extra day because of the distance from home....but again................the OFFICIAL dates are 3/27 and 3/28.
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