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I now have access to the files for Thank God it is hosted on the NoCal site and Bob was able to give me access. I will be editing a lot of stuff on there hopefully this weekend.

Now for Jenn is making the new site for 2007 correct? We can also host this on the same server. I just need some info so I know what to tell Bob. He already has asked if we would like to host it on the server and I said yes. Of course once the files are uploaded all we would have to do is change the DNS of the domain to point at that server. I'm guessing someone here has access to that?

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Jen already made a site for AzRocks 07 - it's hosted on my website for the time being until we can get it to the domain. I think Tom has the DNS information, unless of course, we are currently hosting it on the NorCal server, which it sounds like we are not, only the site.

Speaking of that, there a couple things we need to take care of on that site. Need to remove the Staff page all together - only names are on it and it's kind of redundant considering staff is already indicated on the roster. I've already removed my name as President and changed Derek to President - we just need to move his name up top. Also need to change the mission/charter to Dereks' name rather than mine. We also need to have an "[email protected]" web address - the current one is not working.

Let me know how I can help.

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