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Hi there, old/new member returning. I joined Colorado Chapter TTORA in 2001 when I had my supercharged Tacoma. I believe it died a horrible death after I sold it. My double cab prerunner was short lived and I had a Corvette and classic Camaro phase for a few years. Now back and looking forward to getting back to wheeling as my kids are getting older and they want to go camping.

Proud owner of a "new" 1985 4 Runner. Fairly clean specimen that I drove the 300 miles home in. Chugged along without so much as a hiccup. Almost 24mpg drafting those semi trucks too!

Anyway, happy to be back in the Toyota family, ready to get this thing dirty. ....and its my daily driver too! I guess my username doesn't make much sense anymore since I no longer have a Tacoma or a motorcycle...


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