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so back in Nov myself and several buddies loaded up to drive from Florida to baja. The rigs were my tacom a rubicon and a chevy 2500 deisel. and we pulled campa trailers. We went for the 1000 race. We hade 2 video crews along filming for truck univers and a private dvd of the trip. Here is the link tot he first instalment to air on truck univers in a few weeks. there will be 4 installments total.

truck universe baja show

Thanks to
TRDPARTS4U, Marlin Crawler, Lokey Trucks & ARB, for helping get all the parts together for this awesome expedition. Special thanks to Chris Jacque and Mike from TRD Parts! those guys took us in when we were pretty exhausted and helped us do some upgrades on the road trip out. It made a huge difference in our moral driving the rest of the way to the border. 55 hours to camp 1!
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