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SOLD to the Man in the Flatbill Hat! (Although I still have a few tires - call me if you need some)

FS - Long Beach - 4 Baja TX wheels with 4 BFG Baja TA (Race) tires

(34.6" diameter)

These are the grey ones that you need to have a Baja TX vin (similar deal as the FJ Trail Teams wheels).

All have at the least 50% of the tread.

$1400 firm (the tires alone are $600 each!)

What it is: The world’s first ultra-high performance off-road tire. Designed for off-road competition. Multi-time Baja 1000 winner. One of the most dominant tires in off-road racing history. Who it’s for: Off-road racing competitors and people who insist on driving on the same tires top off-road racing pros like Rob MacCachren, and Ed and Troy Herbst have raced on.
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