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Bed and front axle question.

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I've been looking for a while an I just can't find the following items. First, I'd really like a stepside tacoma bed like the one that comes on the 2000-2003 2WD. I found all kinds of fenders and doors, but no stepside. Any ideas would be great, but no dealer, my dealer here in town is a jerk. Second, I'd like to know if anyone makes upgrades for the front drivetrain parts. Something similar to the All-pro birfield upgrade, but for a tacoma front end. Thank you everyone, this search is really frustrating. MassiveAttack
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As far as the bed goes I would look in the wrecking yards or car Gonna cost a pretty penny but if you want it you should be able to find it. The step side also came on 4x4s and prerunners so its not a 2wd only option. As far as the CVs go there is a company that does a rebuild (CV unlimited I believe) but they are pretty expensive as well. You should look into an replacement axle with a life time warranty like from autozone or some place like that. It would be cheaper in the long run.
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