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The leaves have 90k on them and are flat but are great candidates for an AAL or a core - $20 or a case of Bud

The box came with my truck and is in good condition save a busted latch and the fact I don't have any keys for it. A half-assed search came up with some replacement latches for around $20 but I don't have the time or the need right now - $60

Delta Model 935000

Compact Chevrolet S-10, Ford Ranger, GMC S-15 and Sonoma, Dodge D-50, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and all compact long and short wheelbase trucks except Volkswagen. Also fits Dodge Sportsides and pre-1992 Ford Flaresides.

Box Size:
60”W x 21”D x 12”H
7.5 cu. ft. storage capacity

I'm in northeast Denver; near Lowry.
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