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Beefing Up Coil Springs.....

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1998 Taco, 4x4, V6, Ext. cab, non-TRD, 3” cornfed, 3” BL

The front end is beginning to sag a little bit, so I am getting ready to replace my coil springs and shocks. I was planning on a possible upgrade to the TRD springs or maybe even an aftermarket spring. I guess my questions are: Are the TRD springs noticeably better that the standard springs? What other springs are available to upgrade to that I could run with my cornfeds that are worth paying for above the TRD’s? And where should I look for them?

I don’t have an aftermarket bumper or winch up front.

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OMEs (if youget spring and shock) can come pre-assembled from wheelersoffroad. It made installing a snap!! I installed them on my taco a few months ago. Was easy, just need to have the basic tools, jackstands, and your set! It's kind of ghetto though when you follow the customtaco writeup on how to install. You use the stock jack to push the a-arms down so that the shock gets compressed. Worked fine though!
synovus said:
Because he's wanting to run a 1.5" spacer with the coils. That spacer with the 882's would be too much lift.
Thats why it was suggested to DITCH the spacer
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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