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Best place to purchase body lift

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anyone know online or offline? I want to put the roger brown kit on? anyone with any links? 1" body lift only.
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rojodiablo said:
Is that pot of coffe for the web page, or the B/L install??? Helped Cory the newbie with a 2" kit on Sunday. I did another taco, coilovers and such before the bolts were even undone on the B/L. The instructions were very good, pics off the site are so-so. Some good, some bad. Kit fit very well, good quality. Only bitch was the rear bumper issue. No amount of fanagling was gonna get that bumper right by re-drilling!!! So, out comes the sawzall, and the mig welder. Split the bumper vertically through one of the oval shaped holes pressed in the bracket/ hanger for the rear bumper, and stretched the bottom out 7/8". Back filled, welded, plated and moved on. Front bumper mounts worked like a charm!!! Just marked the bottom of the valance, and carefully removed the offending plastic. Looks really good. Look to Cory to send some pics. I don't have that ability yet.... Paul. RB body lift gets a "B+ Grade." Small deduction for the rear bumper issue, and the whole body lift thing. Thanks Rog for a good product!!!! :xdevil:
yep....thats me... hopefully i will have some pics in the next day or two when i get my new wheels and tires installed... Also, I just have to say THANKS A LOT paul for helping with my bl... i honestly dont know what i would have done without your help....
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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