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Best place to purchase body lift

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anyone know online or offline? I want to put the roger brown kit on? anyone with any links? 1" body lift only.
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mudferret said:
If you want a Roger Brown body lift, you have to buy from Roger Brown here. If you've never been to his website before, have fun, and be sure to brew a pot or two of coffee.
Is that pot of coffe for the web page, or the B/L install??? Helped Cory the newbie with a 2" kit on Sunday. I did another taco, coilovers and such before the bolts were even undone on the B/L. The instructions were very good, pics off the site are so-so. Some good, some bad. Kit fit very well, good quality. Only bitch was the rear bumper issue. No amount of fanagling was gonna get that bumper right by re-drilling!!! So, out comes the sawzall, and the mig welder. Split the bumper vertically through one of the oval shaped holes pressed in the bracket/ hanger for the rear bumper, and stretched the bottom out 7/8". Back filled, welded, plated and moved on. Front bumper mounts worked like a charm!!! Just marked the bottom of the valance, and carefully removed the offending plastic. Looks really good. Look to Cory to send some pics. I don't have that ability yet.... Paul. RB body lift gets a "B+ Grade." Small deduction for the rear bumper issue, and the whole body lift thing. Thanks Rog for a good product!!!! :xdevil:
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JBradley007 said:
RB 1" body lift is an aluminum block...he doesnt make it in the plastic? one other question which material has proven better metal or plastic?
Your other option is a 2x4 from home depot. I know, the torches are coming out as I type.... I really don't think there is any disadvantage with either material. Both are strong, corrosion resistant, and easier to machine than steel. So, they cost less. And, unlike urethane bushings, neither have a tendency to squeak all the time. But, I may be wrong on this one with the poly 2" blocks.
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