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Good weather proof box for your truck or even a tongue box for your trailer.

These boxes are made out of 1/8inch aluminum and powder coated an off
white. They are close to the size of a Tuffy box that would fill the
whole back of a jeep. Tuffy gets about $480 for
a box of similar size.

These have doors at either end. The top does not open but if you were
creative you could cut the welds and make the top open.

These are 32 inches deep by 28.5 inches wide on the door sides and
19.5 inches tall. They have a rubber gasket door seal that will shed
rain and dust. The top has some thread inserts that were used for
lifting eyes or stacking cabinets. Good way to bolt a cargo basket or
storage system on the top without worrying about a leak.

They have a vent hood on the doors that will need to be removed and a
plate riveted over the hole. Ace on Hwy5 sells polished diamond plate cheap that would be more then enough to do the doors. There is also a "boot plate" in the bottom that needs to be removed and sealed.

I figure once the gear is out of them, hoods and cooling fans stripped
these will be about 35lb.

I will be able to let them go for $75.

Here are some pictures. The gear inside will be removed so it will be
just a big open box. The door handles can be padlocked or you could
take the door handle off and put a cabinet lock in its place to save a
couple inches.

$75 CASH each. I can meet up with folks near Towncenter.

Sorry about the crappy cameraphone pictures. Little dim in the warehouse.

I had 5 of these I sold last year in under 2 weeks. I had bought 4 for personal use and now have changed plans. I will only need two now so two are available.


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Awesome.... Just dont think I have a use for it, shame though, looks nice.
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