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When: Labor Day weekend, sometime Saturday the 2nd, camp overnight, finish Sunday 3rd.
Where: Between Big Bear Lake and Green Valley Lake off of 2N13
What: remove large tree from side trail, explore surrounding trails, light wheeling
Who: Anyone interested

I have no real set schedule or meeting locations, and will narrow down time probably middle of next week, depending on what time one of my friends will be available, or whoever else wants to go. Trail maintenance should only take 2-4 hours at most, and I expect to wheel and explore the nearby trails. I will not be going to Dishpan Springs/Deep Creek.

Camping and trail maintenance will be around 8000 ft, so pack accordingly. If you want to participate in trail maint, please bring safety glasses, pants, boots, gloves, ear protection, etc. I will have a chain saw, but if someone has another chain saw, that would be great. Maybe a weed wacker with metal rotary blade (trail is very narrow from overgrown brush). There is only one tree in way, but I am not sure what else is on trail. Having people around when I'm cutting up a tree is good thing, so they can take me to hospital when I cut leg off.

This is dispersed camping. Fires are not permited, cooking stoves require permit found here: Prevent Wildfire - California Fire Restrictions & Campfire Safety
Parking requires adventure pass or equivalent (not expecting rangers here, lol). No running water, poop in the woods with bears kinda stuff. There are trees and shade though.

Approach to camp site is moderate difficulty, with only one spot that is hard. Will require 4wd and a locker (or two) and 33" tires to overcome. Not suitable for stock vehicles, but I don't have a problem with dragging someone up it. Body damage is possible for underequiped vehicles.
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