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Thanks SO much for meeting me in Indio. I put the rear in and my truck is FINALLY FIXED. I`ll send an axle to you as soon as I put the bad rear apart, anyone want a 4.10 TRD chunk?

The other TRD rear I bought had a bent axle, replaced it and the seals kept leaking.......almost 1.5 years and 25K miles later. I put the one I bought from Ron and it actually drives straight again, and it feels like it have like 15HP MORE! I`m so fawkin tweaked about my truck, my everyday, it better. Doesn`t lean anymore either. The housing must be bent very slightly, cuz noone can see it. I may try to measure it to build a stronger case. I went there over 20 times and he couldn`t figure it out. The guy who did the original work for me has 25+ years experience as a toyota mechanic.....whata fawkin HACK!!!! If he doesn`t giving something back in return for the headache and BS I`ll take him to small claims, BBB, and slam his name anytime I can...

anyway.......THANKS AGAIN RON, hope the new 30 spline longs do U good!

I feel a Utah trip brewing.
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