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I have a 2002 PreRunner with toytec lift up front and aal's out back but when I mounted my 9000 lb. mile marker the front sagged a very tiny bit and little things like that drive me crazy! But my real question is that I have since fixed that with some taller stainless spacers instead of the .5 inch top spacer with the kit. What I would really like to know if somone has figured out how to get about 5 or 6 inches without buying a full fabtech drop down kit for 2500.00. There is no need for a diff. drop because you don't have one ! I have been trying to work this on my own but 10,000 heads are better than one! I work in a machine shop so if anyone wants to try somthing out or just toss around some ideas send me a message. I currently have add a leafs in the rear and a set of very beefy shackles for the rear and can't use them yet! I live in Gastonia NC so if your local lets get togother and toss around some ideas! [email protected]
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