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Bigger Tire = Odometer +/-

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Lately I have seen many posts about lousy milage...seems like a new one every day. I wanted to say that the search feature will give many results on poor milage, AND...
1. winter gas mix is different than summer, and your milage will drop
2. warming up your truck in the AM is burning fuel without gaining miles, your milage will drop
3. putting bigger tires on will cause your odometer to read less than actual miles causing your milage calculations to be off. get a GPS(buy or borrow) drive 100 miles according to the odo, then check the GPS for ACTUAL miles driven. then you can figure a % variance and calculate mileage better and be aware of the odometer variance to know the actual miles on your truck etc..etc..etc.. You might be surprised to find out how wrong your ##'s are esp with 33's or bigger!!!
4. Putting sliders, bumpers, toolboxes, tow straps, OBA, Hi-lift jacks, and al the tons of gear and Misc. shit we carry with us adds weight..and it adds up quick, this reduces milage too!!

Now add up all the factors (1-4) I have listed and any you can think of, re calculate your milage based on the GPS info, and in my case it turned out tha I was actually not getting tha bad of milage ( about 16-18mpg) with a heavy right foot( I dont like to be the last on to pull away from the red light!!!)

Hope this helps with the never ending milage questions.

PS: I noticed that in the "defend your purchase" thread no-one mentioned milage as a reason for buying Tacomas anyway!!! :)
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PismoBoy24 said:
I have found that according to my GPS, my trucks speedometor/odometer are more accurate w/ 32's than w/ the stock 31's. So you shouldn't add 3.4%, instead, you should do nothing cuz 32's are more accurate than 31's, but it's not our fault the speedos are off from the factory making us think we get better stock milage than we really get.

I just got 32's put on the other day and noticed that the speedo was almost direct on at like 75.
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