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Bilstein 5150's or Rancho 9000sx's or OME's Nitro

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Need some input guys which are better? running a loaded rig with a bit of weight. What do you guys think eyyy?

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Interesting....I've been looking around for some information about how to proceed with my plans and came accross this's some feed back. ...for what it's worth!

I never got around to trying the 5150's.....although I did try the 5100's on my '05.....absolute waste of money.....for the '05! The TRD's that came on my rig were better by far. I've owned a number of Ford F250's over the years and had good experiences with the Rancho 9000's. So after the failure of the 5100's, I opted to go to the 9000's. Big improvement and able to handle the 3 inches of lift from the Atlas replacement springs. The rear end is very well planted now with over all handling almost tits up. Now I've just got to figure out what I want to do up front with the bastardization done on my front end with urathane spacers. The urathanes are a 2.5" set up, so I'll probably stay with that height, which has proven to work well with the 275/70/16 BFG's on my Eagle 118's. From what I've been able to gather so far the choices are still limited, but not for long. So my question really is related to what others have done, what they used for their front end lift, any longevity concerns....that kind of stuff. The 9000's I know will last for years (just from past experience)....and if Rancho did something for the front end of my Taco, I'd probably be on it....but they don't, so I would like to know what others satisfaction level is with the lift products they used.

BTW.....I have one set of TRD and Bilstein 5100 rear shocks for a '05 Taco 4X4 Access...that I'll sell cheap.....and as soon as possible I'll have some free front end spacers with bolts that I'll give away to the first requestor.
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