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Bilstein Trim Issue

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I have OME 881's, new Bilstein HD shocks, and new KYB shock tower mounts. I want to add some pre-load to driver's side to combat the driverside sag due to battery/gas/driver, etc. Setup is a coilover for 2002 Tacoma 4x4.

Apparently there are 2 types of trim packers (see pics below of OME trim packers).

I believe the 95PF trim (shown in the 2nd pic below) shows a trim shim(s) under the spring seat. This one apparently wont work with Bilsteins due to differences in shock body diameter.

The OME 80PF or 80PR trims (shown in 1st pic below) fits on the topside of the spring.

Would it be better to cut a new spring seat groove into the shock body 5-6mm above current groove or should i find a trim that will fit on the topside of the spring? Any suggestions?


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