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More of a trail report than an event, but here we go...

With all the signs, closures, etc out at TM, I have been wondering for a while if the Black Canyon Trail (BCT - the OHV trail, not the Mtn bike trail) still went through from Black Canyon, and if so what kind of shape it was in (hadn't run it in years)... so today, Melanie and I took Zilla out and did some exploring. In case anyone else is interested or doesn't already know it, I am happy to report that you can still run this scenic trail... from Black Canyon City to Table Mesa. We drove from my place in BCC to the LT trailhead in about 80 minutes, and its in great shape. :D

There hasn't been a ton of traffic on it, just enough to keep if from getting too overgrown. It is an Arizona pin striping sort of scenario in places due to vegetation growth along the sides of the trail (not that I care, but I suppose someone might).

I didn't see a single piece of trash to pick up the whole way :clap: , no new bypasses, wildcat shooting area debris or land abuses of any kind. Its gotten a little more rutted out here and there since I ran it last with Mark some years back in the Tacos, but that just makes it more fun. Some early spring blooms are already up, the ocotillos are leafed out and the desert is looking nice and green! We never stopped and never got out of the rig, so we didn't get many pics, but here's a couple random through-the-window shots.

For frame of reference, in this shot (below) you can barely see way off in the distance (facing east) the predominant butte of BCC known by the locals as "The Thumb."

The BCT is scenic, not technical, but its more fun than a forest road...
sort of like a mini, flatter, more well-used version of Joe's Ridge, if any of you remember that one.

On a side note, I want to get back up and run Joe's Ridge again soon as well, which is right up there near the top of the list for fun not-too-technical half-day trails in my backyard. Joe's Ridge is on par with Desoto Mine, but sees much less use which makes it even better IMO. So its still 'game on' for the BCT, and if someone wants to join us, I'm up for scouting Joe's Ridge one of these days as well. :cool:
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