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I posted up the invite a while back, didn't get any intrest but I figured I'd post pictures from the trip anyways. Had a lot of fun, I'll post up an invite again next time I go.

I met up with Chad Thursday night in Colfax, we headed out to Black Rock Desert and got in to camp around 3am.

Gassing up in Gerlach at about 1:30am

Woke up Friday morning at around 8:30. Made some coffee and packed up camp.

Here's some shots from exploring Friday.

We were trying to get to the hot springs but couldn't avoid the mud no matter which way we went. This stuff was unreal, crazy soupy mud that caked on your tires and wouldn't clean out. Chad attempted to cross the mud here.

He ended up getting stuck so I tried to tug him out with a strap but my tires got so caked with mud I couldn't even get a running start.

So I ended up winching him out. Parked my truck behind a mound to keep me from sliding forward trying to pull him out.

Took the long way around and made it to one of the hot springs.

Some more exploring.

We have some video of some stream crossings but I'll have to edit them down and post them later.

Made it to another hot springs

Set up camp for the night, cooked dinner, did some shooting, and chilled by the fire.

Packed up Saturday morning, ate breakfast and headed out towards Moon Rocks.

Chad gettin it on the playa

We aired back up and hit the highway to moon rocks

Moon Rocks!
Made it in Saturday afternoon. It was busy there but had a lot of fun. Chad’s rig drew in some tard spectators hoping for a flop but they were disappointed.

Set up camp Saturday night at Moon Rocks. Made a campfire and cooked salmon over the fire. Had an awesome time minus freezing my ass off in the 15 degree nights.


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Moonrocks has always been on my list of places I need to go to..

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Thanks for the comments guys. Moon Rocks was a lot of fun, it was really busy though. We spent most of our time at Black Rock Desert so we were only at Moon Rocks for a day and there was a bunch of trails we didn't run. I'd like to go back there on a non-holiday weekend when it's less busy and spend some more time there so we can wheel some of the trails we missed. Definitely worth checking out if you guys haven't been.

On another note, me and the same guy are trying to make AZ Rocks this year. I know you guys have a big event the following weekend but it'd be cool to see some of you out there.
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