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Black Steel Wheels/Same as Specs as Stock

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Hey all,

I'm really into that black steel rim look. I have a '02 Double Cab w/ no lift and stock rims (16").

What black steel rim do you guys recommend? I'd like them to be as close to stock as possible so I don't have to do any mods to make them fit. Cheap is also good; I can't imagine they would be very expensive.

Thanks in advance!!

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Could I run the 16x8 and use my stock BFG Rugged Trails?
TacoCrazy said:
Or paint them Rust Oleum "Hammered"..I did mine some time ago, looks great, it's tough and easy to touch up when necessary..Hell, my sliders, rear wraparound bumper and winch mount are all "hammered"..I love the stuff..
lol, what color is "hammered"
Aggie98 said:
Ive got an '04 DCab Prerunner. Stock wheels were 16x7 with 4.5" backspace. I went with the US Wheel Series 84 black steel in 16x7 with 4" backspace on stock tires. They fit great, clear the calipers. Got em for $52 a piece from
Right on man, do you have a pic of your rig with that setup?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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