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body lift and shifter?

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urgent body lift and shifter?

just put on a body lift and haven't done anything with the automatic shifter yet (2 inch rb kit) I got it to back out of the garage but now it's throwing a check engine light and when I hit the brake pedal it stalls.


update, I set the shifter linkage so now that's working right. It seems like everything is good except for the brake making it stall. Could this be from the 4wd shifter not being extended and by not being extended, not going into 2wd completely? The check engine light will go off if the bat is disconnected but as soon as the brake is hit it's back on again.
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You might want to look at all of your brake lines to make sure on isn't kinked inside the engine bay area. If you find nothing I would run to autozone and use one of there scanners. Where are you located? Maybe someone in your area has one that you could borrow. Then just look the code up and that should get ya fixed. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck
the brake lines are fine and I didn't see any stretched out wires, guess I'll have to try the scanner tomorrow
Dude.. that sounds terrible, let us know how it works out for you. I'm planing on installing a BL on my 2wd after the 1st of the year. I'll be looking for any tips!

Sounds like you have a vacuum hose issue. Im thinking maybe you need to check the lines running to the master cylinder - make sure everything is still kosher there. Make sure there is no lines just hanging around. Let us know how it goes - as Im getting ready to do a 2" PA it here in a couple weeks.
like rob said check your vacuum hoses, you can get a can of starter fluid and spray it around, if the motor revs up or boggs down theres your leak.
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