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body lift takeoff

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does anyone have a write up on how to take off a bl, i have a basic idea, but i was wondering if there is a certain way or where to start at... the shifters were not extended and i know about the bumper brackets, brake lines and fuel filler hose... anyway pics or a write-up would be great... i just bought the truck and dont like bl....
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I dropped my 3" to 1" a few months back. It was really easy since the shifters and gas tank filler was never extended by the previous owner. Only snag I ran into was realizing the radiator needed to be relocated back to the stock location while attempting to lower the body. I have a few pics if you follow the link below. For the cab I just did it one side at a time. Loosen the body mount bolts on the opposing side enough so the cab is free angle downward. But don't totally unthread the bolt so you have some sort of saftey net. I did the bed as one piece since I was swapping beds anyways. Also your going to need new body mount hardware when you drop it since the current bolts would be too long.
sonofgun, 3 posts in 3 mins and I'm the ass end! lol well now he has plenty of info =)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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