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Body mount torque specs?

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Hey I was swapping my body mounts with new ones and was wondering if anyone had the torque specs for the cab bolts. I can't seem to find them
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BM torque specs...

Ok so 50 ft/lbs. or so.... uh... Locktight ? red or blue ?
Ok... I'm in the middle of it... and it looks to be impossible for me to get my torque wrench in there (and the body is as higher then it probably should be))... Much less anything else... damn... so I'll be guessing at the torque... Think it'll be much of an issue ? I suppose the worse thing that could happen is they'll come loose down the road... er trail... and I'll have to tighten them again :dunno: ...

Oh... and the top washer above the BL puck (next to the body) or between the puck and between the body mount and puck ?
I didn't think it was rocket science... :rolleyes:

I asked specific questions... pertaining to those who have installed the ES body mounts... (Tyler being one of them)... I PM'd him... But he chose to reply here instead of in a PM... That is all...

But all I asked is if I should install the 2" Dia. washer between the puck and the body or or between the body mount and the puck...

I appreciate yer thoughts of sandwiching the body... So... IYO... put the washer next to the body ?

I would think there would be less corrosion if the puck were on the body instead of a metal washer... Roger has said that the pucks are strong enough and will likely squeak less if against the body (that is why I asked)... This is only a 1" lift puck... The area up there on the body protrudes and anything wider then 2" in diameter would be irrelevant anyhow (the puck and the washer are both 2" in Dia.)... If you flat spot that area or pull the mount thru there... You got bigger problems... But you came across at being less then friendly in yer reply... There a reason for that ?
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Much friendlier... thanks...

I'd be really interested to see what this plate looks like that yer referring to... And how it could reinforce that area... I'll be OK though... no rust around here and I crawl 'da rocks nice and slow... No air time... ever

Too bad yer not close to me... I was a Mason when I was a young'n and could have made yer day a little easier ;)... Though I doubt I could lay like I did in those days...LOL... (I really worked more with block and concrete anyhow) ...
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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