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Boggers, cage, early toy parts

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35"x14.5x15" Boggers 60% tread $200
weber race carb w/ Downey tall air cleaner for 22R, not smog legal, requires body lift $250
22R ran when pulled, no carb, exhaust manifold, miles unknown, $200
83 tranny and tcase $200
tcase $75
early toy 5:71 rear 3rd member $200
31" bridgestone duelers on toy chrome rims, 90% tread $200
83 toy half doors, $150
smitty built roll cage for early toy, bolt in, $150

Posted for my buddy
Located in Sac.
call tim at 916-296-3452
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sorry..only fit 79-83
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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