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They look like grips for a dirt bike or quad.

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pretty sure they're the same thing 4xInnovations uses on their latch handles - if so, there's likely a common source for them. They definitely give the project a professional appearance.

I'm just now putting parts together to make my own spare tire carrier, so I'm researching all this stuff. So far, I've gone with the Red Hard Urethane Pivot Bushings from Kartek (KTK-60414-1) and their corresponding inner and outer sleeves - I'm hoping these don't sag when open as some folks have experienced with their homegrown tire mounts...
I'll be mounting mine to weld-in bed stiffeners that I'm drawing up (so that I can high clearance the underside of the bed) and positioning it inward so that I can retain the tailgate for use with a softtopper.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts